G.S. Rathi, Advisor of TTAADC, Clears the Air on Allegations

Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council

In a recent video posted on Facebook by an account named “Independent,” serious allegations were made against G.S. Rathi, the advisor of the Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council (TTAADC). The video claimed that Rathi was receiving a substantial salary and various facilities from TTAADC, leading to the registration of an FIR against him. In response, G.S. Rathi has come forward to provide clarification, vehemently denying the allegations and emphasizing his dedication to serving the people of TIPRASA without any monetary benefits or favors from TTAADC.

Addressing the Allegations:

G.S. Rathi, while acknowledging his association with TTAADC as an advisor, firmly refuted the accusations of receiving a salary or enjoying special privileges. He clarified that his involvement with TTAADC stems from his unwavering passion for the development of TIPRASA and his commitment to eradicating corruption in Tripura. Rathi highlighted his prior experience working with esteemed authorities and ministries, underscoring his dedication to public service.

Contributions and Achievements:

Rathi took the opportunity to share his notable achievements, including his instrumental role in bringing an IndiGo flight to Agartala, Tripura. He also mentioned his past involvement with the anti-corruption department of the Delhi government, demonstrating his commitment to combating unethical practices. Rathi’s track record exemplifies his deep-rooted dedication to public welfare and the development of Tripura.

TTAADC as a Constitutional Body:

Addressing concerns about the legitimacy and credibility of TTAADC, G.S. Rathi stressed that it is a constitutional body with a significant role in the region. As an advisor to TTAADC, Rathi emphasized that his position is well-deserved and not merely associated with a roadside organization, as alleged in the video. He expressed his commitment to maintaining the status and integrity of TTAADC while serving the people of TIPRASA.

Denial of Corruption and Unethical Practices:

Rathi acknowledged that his determination to fight corruption in Tripura has garnered opposition from individuals engaged in unethical practices. He attributed their criticism to his perceived status as an outsider who disrupts their vested interests. Rathi made it clear that he will not tolerate corruption in Tripura and will continue to work towards its eradication for the betterment of the state and its people.

Utilization of Funds for Welfare:

In response to allegations regarding appreciation letters and financial gains from TTAADC, G.S. Rathi clarified that he has never accepted any money from the organization and firmly stated his intention to never do so. He affirmed that if TTAADC were to provide him with any funds, he would utilize them solely for the welfare and development of the people of TIPRASA. Rathi’s commitment to serving the community and using any available resources for their benefit underscores his integrity and dedication.

Challenges and Criticism:

Rathi acknowledged that there are individuals who question his motives and legitimacy as an advisor to TTAADC. However, he emphasized that his work is driven by his passion for public service and his equal right as an Indian citizen with deep roots in Tripura. Rathi urged his critics to express their concerns through letters and videos while he remains focused on the development of Tripura and TIPRASA.

Maintaining TTAADC’s Reputation:

G.S. Rathi reiterated that his primary objective is to serve the people of TIPRASA and preserve the reputation of TTAADC. He expressed his commitment to ensuring that the organization operates with transparency and efficiency, dedicated to the overall welfare of Tripura. Rathi made it clear that he and his team at TTAADC are focused on the development of the state and will not be deterred by baseless allegations.


G.S. Rathi, the advisor of TTAADC, has vehemently denied the allegations made against him regarding receiving a salary and enjoying perks from TTAADC. His clarifications shed light on his deep-rooted passion for serving the people of TIPRASA and his commitment to eradicating corruption in Tripura. Rathi’s track record of public service, including his involvement with prestigious authorities, showcases his dedication to the betterment of the state. He remains resolute in maintaining the reputation and integrity of TTAADC while working tirelessly for the development of Tripura and the welfare of its people.



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