Graphic Designer’s Oreo Milkshake Concept Goes Viral, Earns Praise from Oreo India


Omeir Abdul Azeez, also known as MostlyAdobe on Instagram, is a talented graphic designer from Mangalore. He gained popularity on Instagram for his “what if” series, where he creates designs that depict designs of popular brands if they sold products out of their realm. These series include unconventional concepts such as “What if Airtel sold brownies?” or “what if Lipton sold lime water?,” all of which are showcased through their design skills on their Instagram feed. In one such reel, he depicted an Oreo Milkshake packaging design. The video received over 60,000 views and even caught the attention of the Oreo India social media team.

Omeir is a self-taught designer who started his journey with Adobe in 2017. His passion for creating designs and animations as a hobby soon turned into his career, and he now has more than four years of experience in design and digital marketing. He was born in Abu Dhabi, where he did his early schooling. He is currently pursuing his Masters in media and communication. He has a follower count of more than 5000 on Instagram and this crowd only increases.

Aside from his Oreo Milkshake reel, Omeir has created many other popular designs, including a Coca Cola India reel that also received appreciation from the brand’s social media team. In the new year of 2023, he has created a reel that received traction of over 1 million plays on Instagram.

Omeir’s success story is a testament to the power of hard work, passion, and dedication. Designs made by him are a source of inspiration for aspiring and budding designers and continues to captivate interest in the audience.

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