Hope For The Villagers of Sandeshkhali: Krishnendu Mukherjee


Krishnendu Mukherjee played a pivotal role in the Sandeshkhali Movement that began in February 2023, stemming from issues related to land grabbing and misconduct by a prominent Trinamool Congress (TMC) leader Sheikh Shahjahan in West Bengal. As the BJP’s Bibhag Convener in North 24 Parganas, Mukherjee spent two years rallying support and empowering villagers against perceived oppression by local political elites.

His involvement started amidst post-2021 assembly election violence against BJP workers. Taking on the role of Bibhag convener on December 25, 2021, Mukherjee encountered initial hurdles when TMC members attacked the Sandeshkhali BJP office during his first meeting. Nevertheless, he organized 50 local BJP volunteers, resulting in FIRs against the accused individuals and challenging the authority of local leaders Sheikh Shahjahan and Johar Sardar.

Despite setbacks such as the destruction of the Duapara BJP Party office in March, Mukherjee continued his efforts as the Panchayat elections drew near. TMC-led violence and intimidation aimed to prevent BJP candidates from obtaining nomination papers, even besieging administrative centers like BDO offices in Sandeshkhali and Nazat.

In response, Mukherjee meticulously documented TMC’s wrongdoings, reporting incidents to the appropriate authorities and petitioning the Honorable High Court for a fair nomination process. The court ruled in favor of BJP candidates, allowing nominations at the secure SDO office in Bashirhat Town. However, candidates faced fierce resistance from TMC, including violent attacks at locations like the Haroa BDO office.

Undaunted, the BJP, under the leadership of Krishnendu Mukherjee, persisted, with 80 candidates successfully filing nominations at the Bashirhat SDO office, marking a significant victory despite the challenges. Mukherjee personally distributed the party symbol at both Sandeshkhali and Nazat BDO offices, navigating through TMC-controlled areas despite the risks to his life.

Krishnendu Mukherjee has consistently provided healthcare, financial support, and housing to the people during the Sandeshkhali Movement. In addition to inspiring the villagers, his unwavering devotion and bravery have highlighted the value of grassroots movements in opposing political persecution and advancing democratic ideals.



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