How Dhiman Brothers (Kartik Dhiman & Shivam Dhiman) Build Top E-Learning & Affiliate Marketing Company


Two brothers Kartik Dhiman & Shivam Dhiman had struggled a lot in his life, he was born in Shamli, a small district of Uttar Pradesh. Since childhood, he had seen the financial crisis in his family, his father Mr. Nirmal Dhiman, who used to work on a printing press.

He made both the brothers study from Shamli itself, then after 12th Shivam went to complete his polytechnic diploma and Kartik was in 11th at that time. Kartik did not feel like studying from the beginning, so he failed in school once, then he remained depressed about his future for a long time.

He also did youtube and singing for 1 year but did not get much success then due to family pressure he went to his brother in Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh where already his brother Shivam Dhiman was doing his polytechnic then Kartik came to know that his brother is also working in a direct selling company with a diploma. When Kartik understood that work, he started getting interested in it and started working hard in direct selling, then only got failure for 1 year but after 1 year he started earning 10-12 thousand and he had learned many skills and his thinking too was too big. Then he took his monthly income from 10 thousand to 1 lakh within 6 months, then after 3 years, he felt that he was roaming in the circle of 1 lakh only, since 3 years he left direct selling due to lack of growth. thought of doing some startup of my own

Then he started money eye, Objective of starting Money Eye was that he could provide the knowledge which people are not getting well in India through digital courses.

Like even today in India, people in many villages and cities want to do a lot, and want to learn a lot, but they do not find the right teacher and the right knowledge near their home, That’s why the money eye started.

Objective Of Money Eye

started 1 year ago and today he can proudly say that he has 8 courses like public speaking, communication skills, social media content creation, mobile video editing & related music, etc, and more than 20 professional trainers. And he also teaches affiliate marketing to our students so that they can become financially free by working on our business plan along with money eye. Today in money eye more than 400 students are learning skills and also earning money. Today both brothers have earned more than 50 lakhs in 4 years and Kartik Dhiman is only 20 years old and really inspires people.


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