Human Trafficking Cases Is Increasing In Tripura

Tripura News

The Head of the Women Commission of Tripura, Barnali Goswami stated that several crimes connected to human trafficking are increasing in the state and the majority of these types of crimes are not reported by the people to the nearby police station.

In the next few days, they must ensure that there are no more situations like this. She has organized this session of interested parties to make sure that everyone working to protect the safety and security of women can work closely together and pinpoint the causes of these occurrences.

They have found that in most situations, women and children are the biggest victims of such incidents. As a result, the conference has also been extended an invitation to the Tripura Commission for the Protection of Child Rights.

They will talk about the potential human trafficking causes as well as prevention strategies. Additionally, they are working to create a mechanism that would allow users to quickly submit their problems in the state.

She claimed that they have got multiple complaints in the previous four years. In each case, the victims were reunited with their families after taking action but the largest difficulty they have encountered in the past few years is the cases that go unreported.

A large number of victims were unable to contact them or the police to file a complaint. She also said that they spread awareness regarding this so that people raise their issues easily.

This type of session will be held in each of the state’s eight districts of Tripura so that they may communicate with the victims and help them in overcoming their problems.