IIM Shillong Concludes Successful 26th SOM 2023 Conference


In a successful culmination, the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Shillong wrapped up its 26th Annual International Conference, SOM 2023. The conference, a prominent fixture in the academic calendar, brought together scholars, industry experts, and thought leaders to delve into contemporary issues and trends in the world of business and management.

The three-day event, hosted by IIM Shillong, featured a diverse array of sessions, presentations, and panel discussions. Participants engaged in dialogues covering a wide spectrum of topics, from emerging business models to sustainable practices, reflecting the dynamism of the business landscape.

The conference served as a platform for sharing insights, research findings, and innovative ideas. Renowned speakers and scholars from various disciplines contributed to the intellectual discourse, fostering an environment conducive to collaborative learning and knowledge exchange.

The SOM 2023 conference aimed to address the challenges and opportunities posed by the rapidly evolving global business scenario. With a focus on fostering interdisciplinary discussions, participants explored strategies for navigating the complexities of today’s business environment.

About IIM Shillong

IIM Shillong, known for its commitment to academic excellence and thought leadership, successfully curated an agenda that resonated with the evolving needs of the business community. Moreover, the conference not only provided a forum for scholarly discussions but also facilitated networking opportunities for participants to connect with peers and industry professionals.

The concluding day witnessed a sense of accomplishment as the organizing committee expressed gratitude to participants, sponsors, and contributors for their invaluable contributions. Also, the insights gained and discussions held during SOM 2023 are expected to have a lasting impact on shaping future research agendas. Also, influencing business practices.

As IIM Shillong wraps up the 26th edition of the Annual International Conference, the institution continues to uphold its commitment to advancing knowledge and fostering a culture of intellectual exploration. The success of SOM 2023 reaffirms the institute’s standing as a hub for cutting-edge research and collaborative discourse in the field of management.

In the coming years, the legacy of the SOM conference is expected to endure. Further, with IIM Shillong poised to host future editions that will continue to push the boundaries of business scholarship. As participants disperse, the echoes of the vibrant discussions and shared insights will linger. Besides, contributing to the ongoing dialogue that shapes the future of business and management.



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