IIT Guwahati and Assam Government Boost STEM Education


In a strategic collaboration with the Assam government’s flagship Arohan scheme, IIT Guwahati actively encourages meritorious students to pursue STEM education, aligning with the National Education Policy 2020.

Empowering Students Through Arohan

Under the Arohan scheme, IIT Guwahati has successfully engaged 3,311 students, with a notable 65% participation from girls. This initiative is a testament to the commitment to diversity in STEM education.

Mentor-Mentee Program for Holistic Development

Arohan, operating under Samagra Shiksha Assam (SSA), serves as a Mentor-Mentee program for secondary-class students in government schools. The program includes mentoring, exposure trips, competitions, and interactions tailored to enhance career progression.

IIT Guwahati has hosted meritorious students and their guide teachers in 12 batches, fostering interactions with faculty members and providing exposure to higher educational institutions.

Engaging Sessions and Future Aspirations

During their stay on the campus from October to December 2023, students participated in discussions with 33 IIT-G faculty members. Topics covered included JEE preparation, research in basic sciences, academic programs at IITs, and the Common Entrance Examination for Design.

Students’ Gratitude and Determination

Participants expressed gratitude for the exposure, with students like Ayan Dutta and Kristi Bora sharing their aspirations to study at IIT-G. Triveni Das highlighted the valuable guidance received during the engaging sessions.

IIT-G’s Contribution to STEM Education

Professor Parameswar K. Iyer emphasized IIT-G’s role in contributing to quality STEM education. The ongoing collaboration with the Assam government benefits students from 29 districts, fostering their holistic development.



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