IMD Issues Heavy Rainfall Alerts for Tripura; Precautions Advised

heavy rainfall

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued alerts for Tripura, forecasting significant rainfall over the next three days. These alerts come in the wake of a cyclonic circulation observed over northeast Assam, coupled with strong winds emanating from the Bay of Bengal.

According to the IMD’s latest weather bulletin, Tripura is expected to experience heavy to very heavy rainfall starting from June 17 onwards. The department has specifically issued orange and yellow alerts across various districts in anticipation of the weather system’s impact on the region. Orange alert signifies the likelihood of heavy to very heavy rainfall, while yellow alert indicates isolated heavy rainfall.

This weather pattern is attributed to a cyclonic circulation that has developed over northeastern parts of Assam, which is likely to influence the weather conditions in neighboring Tripura. The circulation is accompanied by robust winds originating from the Bay of Bengal, intensifying the precipitation levels over the state.

Residents and authorities in Tripura have been advised to stay updated with weather forecasts and take necessary precautions during the predicted period of heavy rainfall. The IMD’s alerts underscore the potential for localized flooding, landslides, and disruption of normal life due to waterlogging in low-lying areas.

In response to the forecast, local disaster management teams are on high alert to ensure swift response and mitigation measures in case of emergencies. They are preparing to manage any potential consequences of the expected heavy downpour, including monitoring water levels in rivers and deploying rescue teams where necessary.

The IMD regularly monitors weather conditions across India and issues alerts to help regional authorities and the public prepare for adverse weather events. For Tripura, the focus remains on mitigating risks associated with the anticipated rainfall, ensuring safety measures are in place, and minimizing the impact on residents and infrastructure.

As the situation develops, IMD continues to provide updates and advisories to keep the public informed about the evolving weather conditions and potential risks associated with the ongoing weather system affecting Tripura.



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