Is “Jain Shikanji” now “Jain Asli Shikanji” ?


On my way from Delhi to Haridwar, I made a stop at the Jain Shikanji outlet located on the Delhi Meerut Expressway. To my surprise, I noticed that the name on the board had been changed to “Jain Asli Shikanji” instead of the familiar “Jain Shikanji.” Curious about the sudden alteration, I approached the employees working there but was unable to obtain a satisfactory explanation.

Undeterred by the lack of answers, I continued my journey and made another pit stop at the Jain Shikanji outlet in Muzaffarnagar Bypass. Once again, I observed that the name had been changed to “Jain Asli Shikanji.” Despite my inquiries, the locals at this outlet were equally unaware of the reason behind the name change.

As I continued along my route, I discovered that all the “Jain Shikanji” outlets had undergone a rebranding, now collectively known as “Jain Asli Shikanji“. In his quest for answers, he attempted to contact the owner of Jain Shikanji, Anubhav Jain. However, his attempts to reach him were unsuccessful.

Seeking further information about the name change, I reached out to my blogger friends. One of my acquaintances shared that there was confusion about the name and that prompted Mr. Anubhav Jain to register the name “Jain Asli Shikanji”. Now customers could understand who is “Asli” (real) and who is “Nakli” (fake). It was revealed that the new name had been registered, and it aimed to eliminate any confusion between the terms “Nakli” (fake) and “Asli” (real) associated with Jain Shikanji.

In conclusion, Naman came across a surprising name change at the Jain Shikanji outlets along his journey. The alteration to “Jain Asli Shikanji” was reportedly a result of some complications within the Jain family. While the exact details of the issues remain unknown, the new name, registered as Jain Asli Shikanji, was intended to provide clarity and dispel any confusion about the authenticity of the popular beverage.

Ashok Kumar Singh

(Freelancing news writer for Hindustan Times and The Hindu)



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