Jagadguru Dr. Rajeev Menon Inspires the Nation on Independence Day with Visionary Message


As the nation celebrates its Independence Day, the air is filled not only with patriotism but also with the inspiring words of Jagadguru Dr. Rajeev Menon,National President of Sanatana Dharma Parishand and a distinguished figure whose humanitarian endeavors have left a mark on society.

In a special address delivered on this important occasion, Jagadgur Dr. Menon shared the sentiments of unity, progress, and inclusivity that are at the core of our nation’s values. He emphasized the importance of collective efforts in overcoming challenges and building a stronger, more collective future.

The Independence Day celebration also featured cultural performances, flag hosting ceremonies, and various events showcasing the strength of our nation’s heritage. Jadadguru Dr.Rajeev Menon’s expressed his gratitude for Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s contribution towards the nation and is inspired to contribute to the collective growth and prosperity of the nation.

As we reflect on our journey as a sovereign nation, JagadguruDr. Rajeev Menon’s vision serves as a guiding light, reminding us of the responsibilities we share in shaping a better tomorrow. This Independence Day, his words have become an integral part of the national narrative, igniting a sense of purpose and unity among citizens across the country.




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