JeevaMadhu Foundation’s Massive Feed The Hunger Campaign in Mumbai Shines Spotlight on Social Impact


The founder of JeevaMadhu Foundation, Jeevan Sagar, recently sat down for an exclusive interview with our team, shedding light on the foundation’s recent initiatives and future plans. The foundation, known for its unwavering commitment to helping the needy, recently completed a successful Feed The Hunger campaign in Mumbai in April 2024.

The campaign, which distributed around 1500 food packets to the underprivileged, was one of the largest of its kind in Mumbai’s slums since the COVID-19 lockdown. JeevaMadhu Foundation’s presence and support during these challenging times have been a beacon of hope for many.

In addition to the Feed The Hunger campaign, the foundation also conducted an awareness program on women’s hygiene and distributed sanitary napkins in the Dharavi slums. These efforts highlight the foundation’s holistic approach to addressing the needs of the community.

During the interview, Jeevan emphasized that the foundation’s primary goal is to help those in need. He expressed gratitude to the volunteers and program leads who worked tirelessly to make the food distribution campaign a success, even in his absence, with his virtual support. He also thanked Trustee Mr. Kumar for his support and dedication to the cause.

When asked about funding for these programs, Jeevan mentioned that he and a few friends and trust members have been funding the initiatives from their own pockets. However, with the increasing need to help a larger crowd, the foundation is planning to start raising funds soon. Jeevan mentioned that they have received all necessary approvals and certificates from government departments, paving the way for the expansion of their programs to a wider community.

On the topic of political hurdles faced by the foundation in Tamil Nadu, Jeevan stated that his legal team has filed a writ petition in the Tamil Nadu High Court, and he believes that justice will be served. He reiterated that the foundation will continue its programs while adhering to all necessary protocols and rules.

In a final call to action, Jeevan urged like-minded individuals to join forces with JeevaMadhu Foundation in building a stronger and more supportive community. He emphasized that support can come in various forms, not limited to monetary donations, but also through active participation and collaboration with NGOs and similar organizations.

JeevaMadhu Foundation’s relentless efforts in serving society have not gone unnoticed, with people across India recognizing and appreciating Jeevan and his team for their invaluable contributions. As they continue to forge ahead, the Foundation remains a beacon of hope for those in need, guided by the unwavering commitment of its founder and supporters.



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