Job Aspirants Stage Protest in Tripura, Seek Immediate Action on Long-Pending STGT Recruitment


In a continued display of frustration and disappointment, job aspirants for the State Teacher Graduate Test (STGT) in Tripura gathered once again on December 23, 2023, to protest the prolonged delay in the publication of results and the subsequent recruitment process. The demonstrators, appealing to the State Chief Minister and cabinet ministers, held a demonstration in front of the Ujjayanta Palace in the capital city.

Having taken the STGT 2022 examination approximately one year and four months ago, the aspirants expressed their dismay at the Tripura Recruitment Board for Teachers (TRBT) failing to release results and finalize the recruitment process. The protestors highlighted their confusion and concern about the prolonged hold on the process, accusing the state chief minister and other cabinet ministers of maintaining silence on the issue.

One protester voiced their frustration, stating, “We are unaware of the reason why the publication of results and recruitment process is kept on hold.” Another aspirant mentioned the chief minister’s previous acknowledgment of the STGT recruitment matter during a parliamentary session. However, with Lok Sabha polls approaching, the aspirants felt neglected despite promises made prior to the 2023 assembly elections.

Expressing the urgency of the situation, the protestors raised concerns about the impact of the delay on their lives. “Many of us are going to be overaged; we have burdens of family and loans on us. What will we do without jobs?” questioned one of the agitating youths.

Adding to their grievances, the job aspirants pointed out the disparate treatment, citing that results for Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) and JRBT Group C Group D examinations, conducted later than the STGT examination, were promptly declared.

Frustration peaked as the aspirants voiced their inability to secure an audience with the chief minister despite repeated requests. The continued protests underscore the pressing need for attention and resolution to address the concerns of the STGT job aspirants in Tripura.



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