Kadam Dayanand wins the GABB 2024 Award from Ahmedabad Gujarat


After winning the GABB 2024, Kadam Dayanand finds that his life is transformed because of his contribution to singing. Popular actor, musician, and philanthropist Kadam Dayanand was honored with the renowned Campis of Change Award for his extraordinary commitment and unselfish effort, particularly amid his difficult past. Padmik Kadam Dayanand received a great deal of praise.

Kadam Dayanand, also known by his nickname Daya, used to be a painter in the Telangana village of Adilabad. He put in a lot of effort there and is well-liked for his acting abilities. Daya began working at the Annapurna studio in Hyderabad, where he was chosen for the online series The Secret Shoot Film based on his audition. Two songs from the upcoming Seva Das and Vedaa films will be released while he works on Telugu and Bollywood films.

The GABB award, in his opinion, has transformed his life and allowed him to resume work from the Delhi studio. His charitable work and singing talents have made him a well-liked background artist in Tollywood and Bollywood. He is currently nominated for a Vada movie.

The last five years, he has tried out but been rejected. Now, 2024 is the ideal year for Kadam Dayanand and his song for the Web series, along with two other songs and one rap song. Daya, from the worst of times to the best, and now making money on Spotify including every music portal like Jio Music, Wynk Music, and Hungama, makes $200 a month.

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