Key Surrender: NLFT-BM Cadre Gives Up Arms in Tripura’s Dhalai


An unlisted member of the National Liberation Front of Tripura (NLFT-BM) chose to surrender before the Border Security Force (BSF) in Dhalai, Tripura, adding a crucial chapter to the ongoing efforts for peace and security in the region.

Surrender at Chawmanu: NLFT-BM Cadre Identified as Uday Manik Jamatia

The surrender unfolded near Chawmanu in Dhalai District, where the NLFT-BM cadre, identified as Uday Manik Jamatia, laid down arms in a symbolic gesture of abandoning the separatist cause.


The NLFT-BM, an organization with the aim of seceding from India to establish an independent Tripuri state, has long been a focal point of security concerns in the region. The surrender of one of its members marks a potential step towards resolving the conflict.

A resident of Tulsiram Bari in Killa, Gomati district, Uday Manik Jamatia voluntarily surrendered, paving the way for legal proceedings. The details of the surrender are crucial not only for justice but also for understanding the dynamics of individuals involved in separatist movements.



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