Khoirom Matouleibi Represented Manipur In The Y20 Youth Conclave 2023. 

Y20 Youth Conclave 2023

Khoirom Matouleibi, 28, from Imphal East, represented Manipur in the Y20 Youth Conclave, 2023. Aiming for an egalitarian and sustainable future, Youth 20 is a G20 engagement organization that supports the voice of youth on agendas and objectives. Under the SDGs’  (Sustainable Development Goals) “Equity and Inclusion” target, Khoirom’s focus was “Women and Children”. She is the project lead for the “Bleed With Pride” initiative, which is run by the Imphal East District Administration, winner of the 2020 Prime Minister’s Award For Excellence in Administration.

The main conclave which took place on June 23  with a pre-conclave summit on June 22 at Mantra Hall, The Park Hotel, New Delhi was an interactive platform for youth leaders to discuss, network, and learn about Industry 4.0, Innovation, and 21st-century skills, and climate change and disaster risk reduction. Youth-led roundtables were also conducted on the Future of Work, Climate Change, and Disaster Risk Reduction, identifying bottlenecks and developing recommendations. It featured plenary sessions, panel discussions, and concrete actions to implement the Y20 Agenda.

With a degree in Master of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering, Khoirom has been part of Global Shapers since 2017. She is the principal of Shemrock Kids Garden in Imphal East, where she sets an example and has a significant impact on the lives of many children. 



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