Last Few Families of the “Karbong” Tribe in Tripura


The last few families of the “Karbong” tribe in Tripura is listed among the endangered tribe which needs immediate attention. Necessary steps have been taken to solve the problems faced by the tribe said the Tribal Welfare Minister Rampada Jamatia after his 55visit to the village. All sorts of government benefits will be extended towards them to ensure speedy socio-economic growth, he added.

With its rich culture and heritage, Tripura has its own unique culture. Among many tribes present in the state, the last few families of the “Karbong” tribe in Tripura have come to be known as the endangered tribe that needs instant steps for protection. The communities are concentrated in two specific hamlets-Champaknagar under West Tripura district and Mungiakami under Khowai district of Tripura.

After being appointed as the new Tribal Welfare Department minister, Rampada Jamatia as a step to protect the last few families of the “Karbong” tribe in Tripura, physically inspected the “Karbong” villages and exchanged views with the community heads in presence of administrative officials. Earlier in the Tripura, the High Court directed the state government to protect tribal communities to keep alive the indigenous cultural practices of different communities of the state.

“We want socio-cultural and economic development of all the tribal groups. In the village where I visited today, only 30 families of the community are left. I have personally spoken to the people to get a sense of the issues preventing their development. Accordingly, I have directed the officials concerned to arrange the basic amenities. Some long-term plans are also needed to be chalked out, but we are giving priority to the basics in the first place.” said the Tribal Welfare Minister Rampada Jamatia after he visited the village of the Karbong community.

According to Rampada Jamatia, the villagers have demanded a proper road connected to the highway and drinking water facilities which he assured would be done soon. He also added,” I have directed the officials to make arrangements of two 300 liter-capacity water tanks for the village. I have also advised the officials of my department to take up a long-term project for the economic uplift of the village. We have special schemes for rubber and areca nut cultivation. I have told the officials to launch a special-beneficiary program for this village.”

Tribal Welfare Minister Rampada Jamatia also said that the department will extend all sorts of support to revive their cultural practices by giving them platforms at the state and national levels as they have their traditional dance forms.