Leading the Way in Dental Esthetics: ADE’s Commitment to Quality and Innovation


With over 15 years of experience providing innovative, precise, and supremely esthetic dental products, Advance Dental Export is one of the leading dental labs in India. Founded by Haresh Savani, an accomplished CEO, digital dental technician, experienced ceramist, and mentor to thousands of budding professionals, Advance Dental Export has become synonymous with international quality in the dental fraternity.

As an expert in the field of digital dental technology and ceramics, Mr. Savani has made it his mission to bring a dental renaissance to the global canvas. His vision and passion have driven Advance Dental Export to be at the forefront of dental innovation, using the latest products and materials to produce the highest quality dental products for their clients.

Advance Dental Export believes that the art of aesthetic laboratories lies in balancing science and artistry. Advance Dental Export produces dental restorations that are functional as well as beautiful by combining the principles of dental science with the artistic process. Each restoration is carefully designed and meticulously executed by the company’s skilled technicians, ceramists, and engineers.

As a leader in the dental industry, Advance Dental Export is committed to staying on top of the latest technological advancements. They have invested in state-of-the-art digital technology, including CAD/CAM, 3D printing, and digital shade matching, to ensure that their products are produced with precision and accuracy. By incorporating digital technology into their workflow, they can offer faster turnaround times, better quality control, and more consistent results.

But it’s not just about the technology. At Advance Dental Export, they understand that every patient is unique, and each case requires a personalized approach. Their team takes the time to understand the needs of each patient and works closely with the dentist to create a restoration that is tailored to their specific requirements.

In addition to its commitment to excellence in dental restorations, Advance Dental Export is also dedicated to sustainability and environmental responsibility. They have implemented eco-friendly practices throughout their production process, including the use of biodegradable materials and recycling initiatives.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a dental lab that offers the highest quality, innovative, and esthetically pleasing dental restorations, look no further than Advance Dental Export. With their commitment to excellence, dedication to personalized service, and investment in the latest technology, you can be sure that your patients will receive the best possible care.



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