Maharaja Pradyot Appeal To Keep Peace and Unity Among People


The incident that has taken place at Tiyari Mairang Amapur village of Tripura has made an immense impact on several people’s hearts.

Maharaja Pradyot Chairman of Tipra Motha has come forward through his social media handle and kept his views and opinions to maintain peace and order among the Tiprasa.

Maharaja Pradyot sincerely appeals to the YTP, TPF and women and employees federation and the common people who are unaware of politics not to put up reaction toward mischievous happenings as “Thansa” unity will be disrupted.

He mentioned ignoring the people who are violently protesting against the Maharaja as the conflict between their tribes will lead to the destruction of Tiprasas. His fight is to vouchsafe Tiprasa the indigenous people their rights under the Constitution of India.

“Some are principally targeted into shattering Thansa of Tiprasa and whereas the common people are being coaxed …there is a conspiracy behind to distract and divide the unity of Tiprasa people”.

He detailed a piece of prominent advice not to defame any leader from any party by burning effigies or spitting out on their photos, to steer clear of using slang and inappropriate words to describe.

He furthermore added, “Those who started all those detrimental circumstances are unaware of the main ideology and to pardon those concerned in against him and intent towards achieving the ultimate goal and target”.

Maharaja Pradyot extended “They are off-track and unsighted and believe a final day of realization will approach in them. It’s the other people who are enjoying the scenario of that current state”.

“Tipra Motha is for the “Thansa”Unity and those are only against the Thansa”, boldly stated Maharaja.

He affirmed it will be shameful and disheartening if conflicts and misunderstandings arise between the strong bonds of Tiprasa community.

Maharaja proclaims the opposition party feels threatened by his winning ability and encourages creating disputes as an act of provocation.

The Message from Maharaja Pradyot, “My dear Tiprasa people, I’m ready to accept every single colloquialism and sacrifice life for Tiprasa people. I’m not here for political position or power; I’m here today for the sake of Tiprasa to bestow them the concluded solution under the constitution. I’m here to give neither to take. Certain leaders are in politics for their privileges and are not worth being given importance. I love all of you. I’m with you all and stay United. The Year 2023 will be the victory of Tipra Motha and after victory, an important step will be appealing to the Government of India about the Constitutional solution of Tiprasa or else there will be no alignments and will stand solely with the Tiprasa community, SC, Muslims and Tea workers and also with those people who are seeking for opportunities. Tipra Motha is never against anyone neither Community nor Caste or Religion. Tipra Motha just desires to give Constitutional empowerment to the people. Some people play unfair and dirty politics. I’m not into politics as same as they do. I acknowledge several people presently possessing their grief and rage but I do appeal and request don’t repeat the alike mistake as them; not to burn any effigies, neither put up slogans nor spit on somebody’s photo. They have done a mistake which is not to be repeated. I love you all, God bless Tiprasa, God bless Tipra Dopha, Tiprasa Ayug Lokthung; Long Live Tiprasa”.