Making a Difference: How CureAble is Changing Special Needs Care in Delhi NCR


In the busy streets of New Delhi, there’s something special happening quietly. It’s all thanks to a new company called CureAble, which is working hard to help children with special needs. These are kids who might have conditions like Learning disorder, ADHD, Autism, Down Syndrome, & others..

CureAble was started by a group of people who really care about making a difference. Krishna, Arbob, Atabik, and Vikas Deep are experts in different things, like helping companies grow, creating products, and working with special needs kids.Their main goal is to make sure every child, no matter their abilities, has the chance to do their best. They offer personalised therapy sessions right in the child’s home. Across Delhi-NCR. And it is designed by a team of experts just for the kid.CureAble helps kids with all sorts of needs, from ADHD to slow learners. They have a team of expert & trained therapists/educators who give each child a personalised nurturing they need. By following a holistic plan made just for them that lasts for 12 weeks.But what really makes CureAble special is how they keep parents involved. They share reports on the child’s progress regularly, so parents always know what’s going on and can be part of their child’s journey.The stories of success from CureAble are amazing. For example, there’s Rahul, who had ADHD and struggled a lot. But with CureAble’s help, he not only got better but also started running the family business like a pro. There’s 10-years old Kabir, who has ADHD. Not only did his condition severely impact his academic growth, but also his behaviour and social etiquettes got worse over time. But with 4 months of CureAble’s service, his academic performance has awed his school teachers. And his parents are happier than ever with Kabir’s changed behaviour and activeness towards life.These success stories show just how much CureAble can change lives. And it’s not just the families who see it — even the families themselves are writing letters to say thanks for the amazing care their children receive.CureAble is proof that small companies can make big changes. They’re showing that with hard work, kindness, and new ideas, we can make the world a better place for all kids, no matter their needs. However special that might be.To book a FREE consultation, visit-



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