Manipur Chief Minister Urges Central Forces to Address State’s Crisis During 52nd Statehood Day Observance


In a solemn ceremony marking the 52nd Statehood Day observance in Manipur, Chief Minister N Biren Singh appealed to central forces to take the ongoing crisis in the state seriously, emphasizing the need to protect the lives and property of its people. The event took place at the 1st MR Parade Ground on January 22, where Singh expressed deep concern over the continuous loss of innocent lives in recent days, describing the situation as ‘very unfortunate’.

Singh stressed the primary duty of security forces to prevent harm, safeguard lives, protect property, and uphold state and national integrity. Urging the security forces to focus on these critical issues, he highlighted the importance of maintaining territorial integrity and ensuring the safety of innocent civilians.

Addressing a viral video related to the alleged Kuki militants in the Ningthoukhong murder case, where the place is reportedly protected by central forces, Chief Minister Biren mentioned that the state government is currently examining the video to verify its authenticity.

Strongly condemning the recent brutal killing incidents in Haotak and Ningthoukhong, Chief Minister Biren labeled targeting innocent civilians as a cowardly act. He reassured that the state government is committed to converting words into action, citing the arrest of the accused involved in the killing of SDPO Chingtham Anand as an example.

Biren informed that a meeting was held with MLAs and ministers to discuss the prevailing crisis, with concrete decisions expected to be made during subsequent meetings. He expressed the state’s determination to tackle challenges head-on and ensure the safety of its citizens.

Reflecting on the Statehood ceremony, Chief Minister Biren acknowledged it as a proud moment for Manipur. He recounted the state’s journey from being a ‘pars-state’ and union territory to gaining statehood in 1972. However, he expressed dissatisfaction due to attempts by certain elements to divide the state, despite its current status.

As part of the Statehood Day program, various contingents performed a march past, with the presence of MLAs, ministers, and high-ranking officials. The ceremony served as a platform for the state’s leadership to address critical issues, reaffirm their commitment to the well-being of the people, and reflect on Manipur’s historical journey as a state.



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