Manipur: Naga Bodies Oppose Uniform Civil Code

Naga bodies oppose Uniform Civil Code

Imphal, Manipur

The United Naga Council (UNC), the apex Naga body representing various Naga civil society organizations in the northeastern region, has voiced its strong criticism against the proposed implementation of a Uniform Civil Code (UCC) in Imphal. The UNC’s opposition stems from concerns regarding the preservation of cultural identity, traditions, and customary practices among the Naga community.

With Manipur being home to diverse ethnic communities, including the Naga people, the issue of implementing a UCC has long been a subject of debate and discussion. The UCC aims to establish a common set of civil laws applicable to all citizens, irrespective of their religious affiliation, thus ensuring equal rights and opportunities for all individuals.

However, the UNC, acting as the representative voice of Naga organizations and tribal groups, argues that a uniform code might undermine the unique cultural practices and traditions cherished by the Naga people for generations. Naga customary laws, deeply rooted in their cultural heritage, govern various aspects of their lives and are seen as integral to their identity.

Central to the opposition is the fear of potential interference in matters related to land ownership, inheritance, and other socio-cultural practices intricately tied to the Naga way of life. The UNC asserts that a uniform code may not adequately address the distinct needs and aspirations of the Naga people, who possess a rich history, unique language, and a deep connection to their cultural heritage.

The UNC’s strong stance against the UCC highlights the complex nature of the debate surrounding its implementation. Different groups and communities may hold divergent views on the matter, emphasizing the need for careful consideration and dialogue. The UNC’s opposition underscores their commitment to preserving Naga cultural identity and safeguarding their traditional practices.

As discussions continue on the proposed Uniform Civil Code, it is essential for all stakeholders to engage in open and inclusive conversations, recognizing the significance of cultural diversity and the aspirations of different communities. Striking a balance between the pursuit of equality and the preservation of cultural heritage will be crucial in shaping the future legal framework in Manipur.



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