Manipur: Over 5,000 Myanmar Migrants Registered in Kamjong


In a recent development, the Manipur Legislative Assembly has passed a resolution urging the implementation of the National Register of Citizens (NRC) in the state. This decision comes as a response to growing concerns about the influx of migrants, particularly in regions bordering Myanmar.

Private Bill Highlights Migrant Presence

Naga MLA Leishyeo Keishing, representing the Kamjong district, introduced a private bill drawing attention to the substantial number of Myanmar nationals seeking refuge in makeshift camps within Kamjong. The bill underscores the need to address this issue effectively.

Initiated in February 2024, the Manipur police, in collaboration with central security forces, conducted a comprehensive biometric data collection from over 5,000 Myanmar migrants residing in relief camps across the Kamjong district.

This meticulous registration process aims to identify undocumented migrants from Myanmar in the state’s border regions. The effort is crucial for maintaining security and ensuring that individuals within the relief camps are accounted for.

Estimates suggest that approximately 12,000 Myanmar nationals have taken refuge in relief camps scattered across Manipur. The issue is particularly prevalent in areas with sizable Kuki tribal populations, highlighting the need for a systematic approach to address the challenges posed by the influx of migrants.



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