Manipur Violence People Break Transistors During ‘Mann Ki Baat’ Programme To Protest PM Modi’s Silence


IMPHAL: The state of Manipur recently witnessed a wave of protests as citizens expressed their dissatisfaction with the perceived silence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on critical issues affecting their region. The demonstrations took place during the widely watched “Mann Ki Baat” program, where individuals resorted to unconventional means to voice their concerns.

During the broadcast of the popular program, reports emerged of individuals breaking transistors as a symbolic act of protest against what they viewed as the Prime Minister’s lack of attention towards pressing matters faced by the people of Manipur. This unique form of dissent aimed to draw attention to the grievances held by the local population.

While specific details regarding the nature of these grievances were not immediately available, it is widely speculated that the protests stemmed from a perceived neglect of the concerns and needs of the Manipuri community. The silence maintained by the Prime Minister on these issues has evidently sparked frustration among a segment of the population.

The “Mann Ki Baat” program, which serves as a platform for the Prime Minister to address the nation and share his thoughts on various topics, has typically garnered significant attention from citizens across India. However, the recent incident in Manipur reflects a growing sentiment of disappointment and disillusionment among some residents regarding the lack of direct engagement by the country’s leader on region-specific matters.

While the act of breaking transistors may seem symbolic, it signifies the desire for a more proactive approach from the central government in addressing the challenges faced by Manipur. It is an expression of the urgent need for the voices of Manipuri citizens to be heard and their concerns to be adequately addressed.

As news of the protests spread, local leaders and activists have called for a more inclusive dialogue, urging the Prime Minister to acknowledge the grievances of Manipur and take concrete steps to address them. They emphasize the importance of open communication channels between the government and the people, highlighting the significance of understanding and responding to the needs of diverse regions within the country.

The recent protests in Manipur serve as a reminder that public sentiment can manifest in unconventional forms when citizens feel unheard or neglected by their elected representatives. It is imperative for leaders to recognize and engage with the concerns of every region, fostering an atmosphere of inclusivity and understanding.

As the nation looks toward the future, it is hoped that these protests will spark meaningful discussions and actions that lead to positive change in the region. It is crucial for both the central government and the citizens of Manipur to work together towards fostering a constructive dialogue that addresses the challenges faced by the state and ensures a brighter future for all its residents.



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