Manipur’s Electoral Rolls 2024: A Closer Look at the Numbers


In a significant development, the Election Commission of India has officially released the Final Photo Electoral Rolls for all 60 Assembly Constituencies in Manipur on January 22, 2024. This marks a crucial milestone in the electoral process, providing citizens with an opportunity to verify their details and ensuring a transparent and inclusive electoral system.

The Final Photo Electoral Rolls, published by the dedicated Electoral Registration Officers (EROs), are now open for inspection and verification by the General Public, Electors, and representatives of Political Parties. The information is available not only at the EROs and Assistant Electoral Registration Officers (AEROs) offices but also at the grassroots level through Booth Level Officers (BLOs). Additionally, citizens can conveniently access the Final Electoral Rolls on the Chief Electoral Officer, Manipur’s official website (, streamlining the process and embracing technology for increased accessibility.

One notable aspect revealed by the Final Electoral Rolls is the Gender Ratio, which now stands at 1068 as compared to 1066 in the Draft Electoral Rolls published on October 27, 2023. This slight increase reflects the ongoing efforts to maintain gender parity in the electoral landscape, emphasizing the importance of equal participation and representation.

Another key metric, the Elector Population Ratio, is recorded at 55.54%, showing a positive shift from the 55.04% reported in the draft rolls. This increase signifies a higher level of engagement and participation of the eligible population in the electoral process, indicating a growing awareness and enthusiasm among the citizens of Manipur.

The total number of Electors, as per the Final Electoral Rolls, has reached 20,26,623, marking a net increase of 18,191 electors from the Draft Electoral Rolls. This uptick reflects the dynamic nature of the electorate, with new registrations and updates contributing to a more accurate representation of the population eligible to vote.

The publication of the Final Photo Electoral Rolls in Manipur is a crucial step towards conducting free, fair, and transparent elections. The increase in the Gender Ratio and Elector Population Ratio demonstrates the commitment to fostering a robust democratic process, where every eligible citizen has the opportunity to participate actively. As the electoral journey progresses, these numbers serve as a testament to the collaborative efforts of the Election Commission and the people of Manipur in shaping the democratic future of the state.



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