MeECL’s Preparations for a Power-Packed Christmas and New Year


As Meghalaya gears up for the festive cheer of Christmas and the excitement of the New Year, the Meghalaya Energy Corporation Ltd (MeECL) is making headlines with its proactive measures to guarantee uninterrupted power supply during the holidays. Sanjay Goyal, the Chairman and Managing Director of MeECL, assured the public that meticulous purchase arrangements have been put in place to avert any possibility of load shedding.

The state-owned utility, responsible for meeting the energy demands of Meghalaya, anticipates a surge in power requirements during peak times, reaching an estimated average daily demand of 400MW. Mr. Goyal, in a recent statement, shed light on the preparations undertaken by MeECL to meet this demand head-on.

One key aspect of MeECL’s strategy is the establishment of purchase agreements with various sources, both internal and external. These agreements provide the flexibility to tap into additional energy resources, ensuring a robust and reliable power supply even during periods of heightened consumption. This diversified approach underscores MeECL’s commitment to securing energy from multiple channels, minimizing the risk of shortages.

Moreover, Mr. Goyal emphasized the favorable conditions at the Umiam Lake reservoir, a critical source of hydroelectric power for the region. The water level at the reservoir is reported to be comfortable, alleviating concerns about any potential shortfall in power generation. Hydroelectric power plays a pivotal role in Meghalaya’s energy mix, and the assurance of ample water reserves at Umiam Lake is a positive sign for a smooth festive season.

In the past, the holiday season has witnessed increased power consumption due to various festivities and events. MeECL’s proactive approach to secure additional energy reinforces its commitment to customer satisfaction and ensures that residents and businesses can enjoy the celebrations without the worry of power disruptions.

As Meghalaya residents decorate their homes and communities with festive lights, MeECL’s efforts behind the scenes contribute to the overall holiday spirit. The assurance of a steady power supply not only enhances the festive experience but also reflects the corporation’s dedication to the welfare of the community.

MeECL’s Chairman and Managing Director, Sanjay Goyal, provides a reassuring message to the people of Meghalaya – a promise of uninterrupted power supply during the Christmas and New Year holidays. The blend of strategic purchase agreements, reliance on diverse energy sources, and favorable reservoir conditions sets the stage for a joyous and illuminated celebration across the state.



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