Meghalaya CM reviews damages to British-era Shillong school in fire, announces Rs 1 crore to rebuild institute


Shillong, Meghalaya: In the aftermath of a devastating fire that engulfed the historic Khasi Jaintia Presbyterian Girls Higher Secondary School during the early hours of Sunday, Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad Sangma personally visited the site to assess the extent of the damages. Expressing concern over the incident, Sangma pledged a substantial sum of Rs 1 crore towards the reconstruction of the institute.

The British-era school, a symbol of educational heritage in the region, fell victim to the flames that ravaged its premises, leaving behind a trail of destruction. The fire, which was reported in the early morning hours, caused significant structural damage to the school building, including classrooms, administrative offices, and other vital infrastructure.

Accompanied by education department officials and local representatives, Chief Minister Sangma conducted a detailed inspection of the affected areas, witnessing firsthand the scale of devastation. Expressing his deep sadness over the loss, he affirmed the government’s commitment to restoring the school to its former glory and ensuring a conducive learning environment for the students.

During his visit, Sangma interacted with the school staff, teachers, and students who were profoundly affected by the incident. He listened to their concerns and assured them of the government’s swift action in rebuilding the institute, emphasizing the importance of preserving the legacy of the institution and providing quality education to the students.

In a significant gesture of support, Chief Minister Sangma announced a financial assistance package of Rs 1 crore for the reconstruction of the school. The fund allocation aims to expedite the restoration process and enable the school authorities to undertake necessary repairs, procure essential equipment, and reinstate educational facilities promptly.

Sangma highlighted the government’s commitment to the welfare of the education sector and its determination to ensure that educational institutions, especially those with historical significance, continue to thrive in Meghalaya. He emphasized the importance of preserving the state’s cultural heritage and providing a nurturing environment for the students to pursue their dreams.

The Chief Minister also expressed his gratitude to the fire department, police, and other emergency services for their prompt response in tackling the fire and preventing further losses. He lauded their efforts in minimizing the damage and ensuring the safety of the students and staff during the incident.

The government will now initiate comprehensive planning and coordination with the school management to expedite the rebuilding process. The restoration work will include repairing the damaged infrastructure, implementing modern fire safety measures, and enhancing the overall facilities to cater to the evolving educational needs.

As the community grapples with the aftermath of this unfortunate event, Chief Minister Conrad Sangma’s visit and the announced financial assistance of Rs 1 crore serve as a ray of hope for the affected school and its stakeholders. The commitment to rebuilding the institution reflects the government’s determination to nurture educational excellence and preserve Meghalaya’s rich heritage for generations to come.

The Khasi Jaintia Presbyterian Girls Higher Secondary School holds a special place in the hearts of the local community, having played a pivotal role in providing quality education for generations. Established during the British era, the school has witnessed the growth and progress of countless students, imparting knowledge and shaping futures.

The fire that engulfed the school has not only caused physical damages but has also affected the emotional well-being of the students and staff. It has disrupted the educational journey of many young minds, leaving them without a place to learn and grow.



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