Meghalaya CM Vows Action Against HNCL’s Extortion Activities


Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad Sangma has strongly asserted that the state government is actively engaged in eradicating alleged extortion activities carried out by the banned Hynniewtrep National Liberation Council (HNLC) within the state.

Decisive Steps Against Extortion

Speaking to media persons, CM Sangma emphasized the government’s commitment to putting an end to extortion, ensuring the well-being of all citizens in Meghalaya. The statement comes in the wake of a surge in demand notes issued to business owners and the subsequent arrest of HNLC’s PSO Storgy Lyngdoh in Shillong by Meghalaya police.

Reiterating the government’s firm stance against illegal activities, Sangma made it clear that the administration will not tolerate such unlawful practices.

Detailing proactive measures, the CM mentioned a recent closed-door meeting where the police were instructed to take necessary action to prevent extortion activities. Sangma highlighted a decrease in extortion cases and ongoing efforts to address the issue.

Responding to concerns about HNLC’s commitment to peace talks, Sangma emphasized that the group must cease such activities if they genuinely intend to engage in dialogue.

Regarding the resurgence of the disbanded Garo National Liberation Army (GNLA) in Garo Hills, Sangma informed about the apprehension of three individuals, with efforts underway to apprehend three more.

Despite sporadic incidents, Sangma asserted that the overall law and order situation in the state remains peaceful. He acknowledged the challenges in the complex society but emphasized that maintaining law and order has been a priority, largely succeeding in this endeavor over the years.



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