Meghalaya government urges Centre to include Khasi or Gora language in postal recruitment


In a recent development, the Meghalaya government has appealed to the central government to consider the inclusion of Khasi and Gora languages in the recruitment process for the postal department. This move aims to promote linguistic diversity and provide equal opportunities to local candidates proficient in these languages.

Recognizing the significance of regional languages and the importance of effective communication, the Meghalaya government has taken a proactive step to ensure that language proficiency becomes a relevant qualification for specific government positions within the state. By advocating for the inclusion of Khasi and Gora languages, the government seeks to bridge the gap between language diversity and recruitment practices.

The request made by the Meghalaya government reflects their commitment to the preservation and promotion of local languages. Khasi and Gora languages hold cultural and historical significance for the indigenous communities of Meghalaya. Including these languages in the postal recruitment process would not only provide job opportunities for those proficient in Khasi and Gora but also contribute to the preservation of these languages for future generations.

Government recruitment processes traditionally take into account factors such as the official language(s) of the region, linguistic diversity, and efficient service delivery. With this request, the Meghalaya government aims to ensure that local candidates who are well-versed in Khasi or Gora are given due consideration and can contribute their linguistic skills to the postal department’s operations.

It is important to note that the central government has yet to make an official response to this request. The decision on whether to include Khasi and Gora languages in the postal recruitment process will depend on various factors, including feasibility, administrative considerations, and the larger goal of promoting linguistic diversity across government institutions.

As this story develops, it is advised to stay tuned to reliable news sources and official government statements for the most up-to-date information. The inclusion of Khasi and Gora languages in the postal recruitment process could potentially set a precedent for recognizing and valuing linguistic diversity in government institutions, further empowering regional languages and their speakers.



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