Meghalaya Govt Evaluates High Court Report on Scientific Coal Mining


Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad Sangma has announced that the state government will thoroughly examine the report submitted by the Meghalaya High Court’s one-member committee, which focuses on establishing guidelines for the scientific mining of coal in the northeastern state.

High Court Committee’s Recommendations

The one-member committee, appointed by the Meghalaya High Court, has highlighted the necessity of formulating comprehensive guidelines for the scientific extraction of coal in Meghalaya. Chief Minister Sangma assured that the government would carefully review the committee’s recommendations and take appropriate actions wherever necessary.

Government’s Progress in Mining Plans

Sangma acknowledged that the Government of India has approved and cleared four mining plans, each adhering to distinct guidelines. He emphasized the government’s commitment to following the prescribed procedures and ensuring that necessary steps are taken to facilitate scientific coal mining in the state.

Meghalaya Govt Evaluates High Court

Upcoming Developments

While Sangma refrained from providing specific dates, he mentioned that machines for mining activities have been ordered, with some already installed and others on the way. Anticipating significant progress in January, Sangma expressed optimism about the advancements in coal mining operations.

Combating Illegal Mining

Addressing concerns about illegal mining and coal transportation, Sangma reiterated the government’s relentless efforts to curb such activities. He acknowledged the historical significance of mining in the livelihoods of the people of Meghalaya and emphasized the need for a gradual shift towards scientific mining. Sangma highlighted the importance of transitioning people’s livelihoods to sectors like tourism and agriculture



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