Militant Attack Claims Life of 23-Year-Old in Imphal West, Manipur


In a tragic turn of events, a 23-year-old youth lost his life in the recent surge of violence plaguing the inter-districts of Imphal West and Kangpokpi in Manipur. The Manipur Police Control Room’s report unveiled the unsettling details of the incident that unfolded on Wednesday night.

Fatal Attack in Kangchup Village

At approximately 10:00 pm, well-armed militants unleashed a barrage of gunfire on Kangchup village, leading to the untimely demise of Takhellambam Manoranjam, a 23-year-old resident. The attack resulted in his immediate and tragic death, marking another casualty in the ongoing conflict.

The militants strategically positioned themselves on the elevated vantage points of Bethel and Koutruk hills, launching a coordinated assault on the villages of Phayeng and Kangchup. The assailants, equipped with sophisticated weaponry, engaged in indiscriminate firing and bombardments, escalating the level of threat in the region.

Expanding their targets, the militants directed their aggression towards Kadanband village in the same district. The gravity of the situation prompted a swift response from both state and central security forces, leading to an intense exchange of gunfire.

The exchange of fire, initiated at 10:30 pm on Wednesday, persisted relentlessly until 7:00 am on Thursday. The prolonged confrontation underscored the severity of the security challenges faced by the region, with authorities working tirelessly to contain the violence and safeguard the affected communities.



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