“Mission 929” Launched By ECI in Tripura


The Election Commission launches “mission 929” across Tripura. The main aim of this mission is to increase voter turnout by targeting up to 92 %. As compared to last year’s voter turnouts, it was the highest in the year 2018. Apart from this, the Election Commission is also ticking off on another mission which is “Mission Zero Poll Violence.”

The Zero Poll Violence is for peaceful assembly elections. All the 929 polling booths are expected to meet the target of 92 % voter turnout in Tripura. Also, for the assembly elections, there are going to be various awareness programs. Poll officials will be visiting handicapped persons and will appeal to them to vote.

Such appeals are also important as they make a big impact on voter turnout. For disabled people, there will be every kind of facility available, like wheelchairs, ramps, etc. Even separate queues will be arranged for disabled people at every poll station. No issues will be there at the time of the assembly election that is going to be held in 2023.



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