Mithila Welfare Foundation Steps Up to Educate 101 Orphaned Children Affected by Odisha Train Tragedy


Mithila Welfare Foundation will teach 101 children orphaned in the train accident. Some lost their father and some lost their husband in a train accident in Balasore, Odisha. Some were going with the family, some were earning for the family.

Many were the only earners in the family. Had left the house promising that he would send the money soon. But, now neither his phone will ever come nor money. Meanwhile, now the big question is how such families will be maintained. How will the lives of the children who have become orphans in this accident go on? Coming forward to help such children, Mithila Welfare Foundation has taken the responsibility of school education of 101 children from Bihar, who lost their parents in an Odisha train accident. BJP leader Dr Akhilesh Kant Jha and Saroj Jha from Bihar BJP and Vishal Goswami from Mumbai who are also skilled businessmen by profession say that it is the joint responsibility of all of us to ensure that the victims and children get a better tomorrow in this accident. Therefore, we have decided that we will take responsibility for the school education of 101 children of Bihar who were orphaned in the accident.



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