Mizoram Government New Orders and Rules for Refugees in the State


The Mizoram government has issued an order for Myanmar citizens taking refuge in the state. In which it has been said that the refugees of Myanmar will not be able to buy land or run any business in any way without the permission of the state government, as well as the order says that the refugees should not do illegal business either.

Refugees can’t even apply for Aadhar driving license
The government order states that refugees should inform the concerned local or village level committee about their vehicles. Myanmar refugees have brought vehicles from their country. The order states that asylum seekers cannot even enroll for Aadhaar, state voter list or driving license.

order to be strictly followed
The government directed all local and village level committees to ensure that the order is strictly followed and in case of violation of the order, report to the chairman of the District Working Group on Myanmar Refugees. Home Minister Lalchmalliana recently informed the state assembly that 30,401 Myanmar citizens have so far taken refuge in Mizoram since the military took over power in February last year. Mizoram shares a 510 km long porous border with Myanmar.

people living in makeshift camps
Myanmar’s citizens seeking refuge in Mizoram are mostly from Chin communities, who are ethnically and ancestrally related to Mizoram. Most of the refugees are living in makeshift camps set up by the government and village authorities, while some have taken homes on rent and others live with their local relatives.

According to officials, around 156 relief camps have been set up in different parts of the state. The citizens of Myanmar are provided with food and other relief by the state government, NGOs, churches and village authorities. Officials said that the state government has so far provided relief amount of Rs 380 lakh to the citizens of Myanmar.

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The steady increase in the number of refugees
Last year, Chief Minister Zoramthanga had urged the Center to provide humanitarian aid to Myanmar refugees. In December last year, the state government had constituted a high-level committee under the chairmanship of Lalchmalliana to monitor Myanmar refugees due to the steady increase in the number of Myanmar nationals coming to the state.

So far 30,401 Myanmar citizens have been documented and 30,144 of them have been issued identity cards. However, this identity card is not valid to take advantage of the government’s scheme. The ID card is valid only in Mizoram.