Mizoram Governor Emphasizes Zero Tolerance for Smuggling on Republic Day


Mizoram Governor, Dr. Hari Babu Kambhampati, reiterated the state government’s unwavering commitment to a zero-tolerance policy against all forms of smuggling. The governor made this declaration during the Republic Day celebrations at Lammual in Aizawl.

Stringent Measures Against Areca-Nut Smuggling

Governor Kambhampati highlighted the stringent measures being implemented to curb the illegal smuggling of areca nuts. He mentioned that licenses of fertilizer dealers involved in misuse have been canceled, showcasing the government’s determination to combat smuggling activities.

The governor acknowledged the relentless efforts of the state Excise and Narcotics department in combating drug trafficking and drug abuse. Strict instructions have been given to police personnel at various checkpoints to avoid any misconduct, emphasizing the seriousness of any violations.

Zero Tolerance Towards Corruption

Governor Kambhampati emphasized the state government’s commitment to eradicating corruption, considering it a priority for good governance. The fight against corruption will be comprehensive and effective, ensuring transparency and efficiency in public life and government services.

The governor outlined the broad areas of focus for the next five years, prioritizing six basic needs. Stabilizing and improving the state’s financial condition is a key goal, with a focus on fiscal consolidation, proper fiscal management, austerity measures, and resource management.

Agriculture and allied sectors will receive utmost importance, considering that over half of the population depends on them for their livelihoods. The government aims to make agriculture both production-centric and income-centric. Remunerative prices for crucial commercial crops such as ginger, turmeric, chillies, and broomsticks will be fixed, with procurement starting this financial year.

Economic Goals and Growth

Efforts will be made to sustain and increase the growth rate in different sectors. The government will focus on fiscal responsibility, efficient resource management, and mobilization to enhance the state’s financial condition. A separate fund allocation targeting farmers in agriculture and allied sectors will be included in the budget.



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