Montang: A New Tourist Destination On Tripura Tourism Map


These days Montang is appearing as a new tourist destination in Tripura. It is situated on the Atharamura hill range, Montang is a nondescript place in the Khowai district of Tripura. And it is becoming a new destination for tourists. It is catching the attention of people from all the states. The reason behind its popularity is the scenic beauty that’s gathering people itself.

Furthermore, the place is also known as the “Mountain of Peace.” Locals and people from other states are coming to visit this place, and it is quite, famous now. It is a beautiful spot for spending time. A narrow and Twisting winding track of about 30 km goes to the peak of the Atharamura hills from the National Highway 8 close to Chkmaghat barrage.

The Montang spot is about 80 km away from Agartala. It came into the spotlight when Kamal Kalai, a filmmaker, and a politician, made a “tong ghar.” It’s made of completely bamboo, sort of a hut for spending time. A man from the Tribal community said taking some time off and spending some relaxing time here is great. Cooking fresh vegetables from the Jhum field and catching fish from small rivulets flowing down the hill is amazing. Since then, photos came up, and, in addition, the place started becoming popular.

As of now, Kalai is an executive, member of the Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council (TTAADC).



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