Myanmar Army Plane Crash in Mizoram: Eight Injured in Second Incident


In a second incident within a week, a Myanmar army plane crash-landed at Lengpui airport, just outside the capital Aizawl in Mizoram. The plane, returning soldiers from Mizoram, skidded off the runway during landing and ended up in a nearby jungle. Out of the 14 people on board, including the crew, eight sustained injuries, while the remaining six escaped unharmed. The injured individuals were promptly taken to Lengpui Hospital for medical attention.

Ongoing Strife: Myanmar Army Plane Crashes Raise Questions in Mizoram

The crash has prompted investigations into its cause, and authorities are working to determine the factors leading to the unfortunate incident. This marks the second instance of a Myanmar army plane crash-landing in Mizoram in a week.

A similar incident occurred on the previous day when another Myanmar army plane crash-landed at Lengpui airport, resulting in injuries to two individuals. The consecutive crashes raise concerns and draw attention to the safety and operational aspects of these military flights.

The crashes take place against the backdrop of ongoing hostilities between the Myanmar military and rebels in Myanmar’s Chin state. Over the past few weeks, more than 270 Myanmar army soldiers have sought refuge in Mizoram to escape the conflict. The Indian government has expressed its commitment to providing humanitarian assistance to these Myanmar soldiers who have fled to Mizoram.

Investigations into the crashes are underway, it remains unclear whether these incidents are directly linked to the fighting in Myanmar. The proximity of the crashes to the conflict zone raises questions about the operational challenges and risks faced by military flights operating in such volatile conditions.



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