Mysterious Fire Engulfs Kalyanpur DCM Office in Tripura, Suspected Ties to Fake PRTC Certificate Racket


A fire devastated the Kalyanpur DCM office in the Khowai district of Tripura, leaving a computer and crucial documents beyond recovery. Local sources reveal that upon opening the DCM office the following morning, employees were met with the alarming sight of fire and smoke, prompting an immediate alert to the Fire Brigade.

Fire Brigade vans rushed to the scene, deploying fire tenders to bring the blaze under control. Despite their efforts, a computer housing sensitive official papers succumbed to the flames. SDM (Teliamura) Abhijeet Chakraborty arrived promptly after being informed of the incident. He conducted a thorough assessment of the damage before returning, having meticulously documented the extent of the destruction.

Suspicions are now rife among the locals regarding the cause of the fire. Over recent months, the Teliamura subdivision has allegedly become a hotspot for the issuance of fake Permanent Resident of Tripura Certificates. A significant number of these purportedly fraudulent certificates are believed to have originated from the Kalyanpur DCM office.

Adding to the intrigue, the ADM of Khowai district visited the Kalyanpur DCM office on the night of last Wednesday. Speculation suggests that certain employees involved in an alleged corrupt PRTC racket might have perceived the ADM’s visit as linked to allegations of fake PRTC certificates being issued from the office. “It is generally suspected that the ADM’s visit might lead to an exposure of the corrupt racket, and this might be the reason for setting the computer and papers on fire; otherwise, there was apparently no reason for the fire,” sources explained.

The community is now questioning whether the fire was orchestrated as part of a broader conspiracy to cover up crimes and maintain secrecy around the alleged fraudulent activities. Investigations are underway to uncover the true cause of the fire and to ascertain any potential connections to the suspected fake PRTC certificate racket. The incident underscores the need for a comprehensive inquiry into illicit practices and criminal activities that may have taken root within administrative offices.



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