Namaste Locals: Empowering Local Businesses and Consumers Across India (Starting with Mumbai)


Mumbai, Maharashtra – [26 June 2024] – In a landscape dominated by e-commerce giants, a new app, Namaste Locals, is emerging to bridge the gap between consumers and the vibrant network of local businesses across India. Soft Launched just weeks ago in Mumbai, Namaste Locals is a first-of-its-kind local directory Cum address book app designed to empower both local store owners and discerning customers. This initial launch in Mumbai serves as a springboard for a pan-India expansion, with the app poised to connect local businesses and consumers nationwide in the near future.

Empowering Local Businesses with Visibility and Direct Customer Connections

For local businesses like grocers, bakeries, salons, vegetables hawkers and more, the struggle for online visibility is real. Traditional marketing methods can be expensive and ineffective, while larger online platforms often prioritize bigger brands and bombard consumers with irrelevant ads. Namaste Locals cuts through the noise by providing a dedicated platform for local businesses to showcase their offerings and connect directly with customers in their immediate vicinity.

“Namaste Locals is more than just a directory app it’s an Online address book ,” says, the visionary Founders behind the app. “We are passionate about creating a sustainable ecosystem that empowers local businesses to thrive, not just in Mumbai, but across all of India. We offer a cost-effective subscription plan that’s as affordable as your daily cup of tea, allowing businesses to build brand awareness, attract new customers, and manage their online presence with ease.”

Key Benefits for Local Businesses (Nationwide):

  • No Fake Leads: Unlike other platforms, Namaste Locals prioritizes quality over quantity. Leads are not shared with multiple business owners, ensuring a targeted approach that maximizes results, regardless of location.
  • Enhanced Visibility (Mumbai and Beyond): Get discovered by customers within a 5-kilometer radius, leading to increased foot traffic and sales, as the app expands across India.
  • Direct Customer Relationship: Build trust and loyalty with direct communication channels, fostering repeat business, applicable across the country.
  • No Spam Calls: Say goodbye to the constant influx of unwanted calls. Namaste Locals prioritizes organic customer discovery.
  • Trustworthy Reputation: Verified badges, top ratings, and genuine reviews help build customer confidence and brand credibility, nationwide.
  • Affordable Subscription: Enjoy all the benefits of Namaste Locals without breaking the bank. The subscription cost is remarkably economical, allowing even the smallest shops to benefit, pan-India.
  • Easy Online Presence: For businesses without a website or social media page, Namaste Locals provides a user-friendly platform to establish a basic online presence and showcase their offerings, across India.

A User-Friendly Shopping Experience for Customers Nationwide

For citizens across India seeking a convenient and reliable way to support local businesses, Namaste Locals offers a refreshingly transparent and hassle-free shopping experience.

“We understand the pain points of online shopping,” says the founders “Our app eliminates hidden fees, inflated prices, and minimum cart value limitations. Customers can enjoy the convenience of local shopping without the unnecessary charges associated with larger online platforms, in Mumbai and eventually throughout India.”

Key Benefits for Customers (Nationwide):

  • Support Local Businesses (Everywhere): Choose to support your local community and contribute to a thriving local economy, wherever you are in India.
  • No Delivery Charges: Enjoy the benefits of local shopping without the added expense of delivery fees, pan-India.
  • Transparent Pricing: See what you pay upfront – no hidden fees or inflated prices with misleading discounts, throughout the country.
  • Trustworthy Sellers: Verified badges help you identify authentic local businesses you can rely on, wherever you are in India.
  • Time-Saving Convenience: Locate stores within a 7 -kilometres radius, saving you valuable time and effort, regardless of your location.

Namaste Locals: A Win-Win for India

By empowering local businesses and fostering a direct connection with consumers across India, Namaste Locals is poised to revitalize the local shopping scene nationwide. The app offers a sustainable and mutually beneficial solution, promoting economic growth for local businesses while providing consumers with a convenient and trustworthy way to shop local.

Download Namaste Locals Today!

Join the Namaste Locals movement and support your local community, whether you’re in Mumbai or anywhere else in India. Download the app on Google Play and embark on a journey of convenient, local shopping. We will be available on the website & IOS App Store soon!

About Namaste Locals

Namaste Locals is a Mumbai-based app designed to empower local businesses and connect them directly with consumers across India. Through a user-friendly platform and a

commitment to data accuracy, Namaste Locals fosters a thriving ecosystem that benefits both businesses and consumers.


Geetanjali Founder

[email protected]



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