National Lok Adalat Resolves 223 Cases in Nagaland

National Lok Adalat

In Nagaland, the National Lok Adalat, a statutory dispute resolution mechanism, successfully resolved 223 out of 463 cases that were brought before it. These cases, which encompassed civil disputes including bank recoveries and telephone bills, amounted to a total of Rs 3,17,44,813.

The National Lok Adalat, held in Nagaland, provided a platform for parties involved in civil disputes to reach amicable settlements through mediation and conciliation. The objective of the Lok Adalat is to promote speedy and cost-effective resolution of disputes, thereby reducing the burden on the formal judicial system.

The successful resolution of 223 cases through the National Lok Adalat in Nagaland highlights the effectiveness of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms in addressing legal disputes. By providing a forum for parties to engage in constructive dialogue and negotiation, the Lok Adalat facilitates mutually acceptable solutions that are beneficial to all parties involved.

The cases resolved during the National Lok Adalat in Nagaland spanned a range of civil disputes, including matters related to bank recoveries and telephone bills. Through the efforts of trained mediators and adjudicators, the parties were able to find common ground and resolve their differences in a fair and equitable manner.

The significance of the National Lok Adalat in Nagaland extends beyond the resolution of individual cases. By promoting the culture of out-of-court settlement and reconciliation, the Lok Adalat contributes to the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the judicial system. It helps in reducing the backlog of cases in courts and ensures timely justice delivery to litigants.

The success of the National Lok Adalat in Nagaland underscores the importance of promoting alternative dispute resolution mechanisms as a means of enhancing access to justice and resolving legal disputes in a timely and efficient manner. By encouraging parties to engage in dialogue and compromise, the Lok Adalat fosters a culture of cooperation and mutual respect, ultimately contributing to the promotion of peace and harmony in society.



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