Nepal’s Famous Tripura Sundari Mela From Two November


The famous Tripura Sundari Mela of remote Paschimchal of neighboring Nepal will start from November 2, while the main fair (Jat) will be held on November 3. For the success of the fair, the Baitri administration has started preparations. This time the fair committee has completely prohibited taking photos of the dole coming out on both the days. In the fair, volunteers will keep a special eye on those who take photos.

According to the information received, a small caste will be held on November 2 in Deol of Baitri district, listed in UNESCO’s special heritage. After worshiping on this day, devotees of Mother Bhagwati will do Jagran with diyas in their hands. The main fair (caste) will be held on November 3. On this day at nine o’clock in the morning, Maiya’s Dola will go to her maternal home in Kaprigaon. After coming back, Maiya’s ride will be decorated and roam around the temple premises.

After the worship in the afternoon, buffaloes and goats will be sacrificed. The chief patron of the fair, Prakash Pujara, said that this time also alcohol has been completely banned in the fair premises. This time the Mela Committee has banned the making of photos and videos of Maiya’s ride. He has appealed to the visitors coming to the fair to follow this rule.