On No Tobacco Day, IMAs Agartala doctors campaign about the ill effects of tobacco in a novel way


Agartala, Tripura: The Indian Medical Association (IMA) Tripura State Chapter celebrated World No Tobacco Day 2023 with fervor and creativity today at the ML Plaza premises in Agartala. In a concerted effort to raise awareness about the detrimental effects of tobacco, the event featured a series of engaging activities that aimed to capture the attention of the public and highlight the urgent need to combat tobacco addiction.

One of the key highlights of the celebration was an interactive booth, meticulously designed to immerse visitors in a thought-provoking experience. Attendees were welcomed by doctors donning lab coats, armed with a wealth of scientific knowledge about the hazards of tobacco. Inside the booth, a simulated smoking zone was created using a transparent glass structure. Within this space, the doctors employed various multimedia displays to replicate the ambiance of a smoky room. Artificial smoke, generated by smoke machines, filled the enclosed area, while pre-recorded audio clips of coughing and wheezing emphasized the respiratory consequences of smoking.

The captivating visuals and immersive soundscape aimed to elicit an emotional response, serving as a stark reminder of the immediate negative impact tobacco has on one’s health. The IMA Tripura doctors strived to convey a powerful message that resonated with the viewers and instigated a reflection on their own tobacco habits or those of their loved ones.

In addition to the engaging booth, the event provided an opportunity for the public to engage with healthcare professionals and gain insights into the long-term effects of tobacco use. IMA Tripura members distributed informative pamphlets, brochures, and other educational materials that shed light on the risks associated with smoking, extending beyond respiratory health to encompass various organs and overall well-being.

Furthermore, the celebration acted as a platform for IMA Tripura to offer counseling sessions for individuals seeking support in quitting smoking. Trained professionals provided guidance and encouragement to those eager to embark on a tobacco-free journey, facilitating positive lifestyle changes and emphasizing the importance of a smoke-free existence.

Dr. [Name], the President of IMA Tripura State Chapter, expressed his enthusiasm for the event, stating, “World No Tobacco Day serves as a crucial reminder for society to come together and address the pervasive issue of tobacco addiction. Through our innovative celebrations, we aimed to ignite a collective consciousness about the severe health hazards linked to tobacco use. We hope that our efforts inspire individuals to make informed choices, leading to a healthier and tobacco-free future for all.”

The IMA Tripura State Chapter’s celebration of World No Tobacco Day 2023 at the ML Plaza premises in Agartala stands as a testament to their commitment to combating tobacco addiction and promoting public health. By combining immersive experiences, educational resources, and counseling services, the event sought to drive positive change, urging individuals to break free from the clutches of tobacco and embrace a life free from its harmful effects.



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