Overcoming Obstacles: Parikshit’s Proven Strategies for Alcohol Deaddiction.


In a compelling journey of triumph over adversity, Parikshit, a seasoned counselor for alcoholism, shares his transformative narrative from the clutches of alcohol addiction to a life marked by health and resilience. Having battled alcoholism for 23 years, Parikshit sheds light on the profound struggles, pain, and challenges that define the journey towards recovery.

Alcohol led Parikshit to the brink of financial ruin, physical deterioration, and spiritual/emotional loss. However, emerging victorious, he not only managed the disease but also became an advocate for others facing similar struggles. His story serves as an inspiration for those seeking a way out of the grips of alcohol addiction.

Parikshit draws a parallel between alcoholism and diseases like diabetes and cancer, emphasizing the need for constant management. Addressing the global impact of alcoholism, claiming 3 million lives annually, he brings attention to the ripple effect on families and communities, further exacerbated by societal judgment that hinders those seeking help.

Recovery, as Parikshit highlights, is a continuous process demanding daily commitment. He acknowledges the crucial role played by family and friends, who become the true first responders, bearing emotional wounds from the battle against alcoholism. The recovery journey, he emphasizes, is gradual, often hindered by denial in its early stages.

Recognizing alcohol’s impact beyond the physical, Parikshit advocates for a holistic approach to recovery. This involves not only ceasing alcohol use but also reconnecting with fundamental aspects of life, such as mental well-being, emotional stability, spiritual connection, and financial security. Progress in each area is crucial for overall well-being and motivation for sustained recovery efforts.

Parikshit outlines signs of a drinking problem, including guilt, shame, hiding drinking problems, dependence on alcohol for stress coping, binge drinking, frequent alcohol consumption, and negative impacts on social functioning. He encourages individuals to attend de-addiction counseling programs when these signs are recognized.

Highlighting the erasure of self with each drink, Parikshit underscores the vital role counseling plays in reconnecting with reality. Counseling becomes a source of hope and miracles for recovering alcoholics, offering a lifeline to those who strive to keep the disease at bay. He urges individuals struggling with alcoholism to seek help, emphasizing that it is okay to ask for assistance.

In conclusion, Parikshit’s life, once marred by alcohol, has been transformed through counseling, paving the way for him to become a beacon of support for others. He calls for the elimination of judgment, the spread of awareness, and a collective effort to pave the way for recovery from the clutches of alcoholism. For those in need, Parikshit provides contact details for support through his website, YouTube channel, and Facebook profile.

For more information and to connect with Mr. Parikshit, please click on the links provided below:

Website: https://www.counselingbyparikshit.com/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCafW4fWoLsS15ilJ5cRBFAg

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100095314265750



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