PM Modi: “BJP’s Evolution from Hope to Guarantee in Assam”

PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a rally in Assam, expressing the BJP’s evolving relationship with the Indian electorate. He emphasized the party’s journey from instilling hope in 2014 to garnering trust in 2019 and now offering a guarantee of progress in 2024. Modi highlighted the significant strides made by the BJP-led government in various sectors over the years, promising continued development and prosperity for the nation.

During his speech, PM Modi reiterated the BJP’s commitment to transforming Assam and the entire Northeast region. He praised the efforts of the local BJP leadership in driving socio-economic growth and ensuring inclusive development in the state. The Prime Minister outlined several initiatives undertaken by the central government to empower the people of Assam and enhance infrastructure, healthcare, education, and connectivity in the region.

PM Modi emphasized the importance of good governance and urged voters to choose stability and progress over divisive politics. He highlighted the BJP’s agenda of “Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas,” emphasizing the party’s dedication to serving all sections of society without discrimination. The Prime Minister called upon the people of Assam to continue supporting the BJP in its mission to build a prosperous and resilient India.

Furthermore, PM Modi addressed key issues concerning the state, including the implementation of welfare schemes, infrastructure development, and the protection of Assam’s cultural heritage. He assured the citizens of Assam that the BJP government would work tirelessly to address their concerns and fulfill their aspirations.

PM Modi reiterated the BJP’s unwavering commitment to the development and welfare of Assam and its people. He urged voters to repose their trust in the BJP once again in the upcoming elections, emphasizing the party’s proven track record of delivering on its promises and driving positive change across the nation.



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