PM Modi To Launch Some Schemes in Tripura


Modi ji will be visiting Tripura and will launch some schemes in a one-day visit. PM Modi will visit Tripura on December 18. Modi will be also indulging with MLAs and will join the state core committee meeting. His visit to Tripura is informed to the chief minister of Tripura Dr. Manik Saha on Wednesday. The people of Tripura and the CM are expecting the visit of PM in Tripura at around 2:30 pm.

The chief minister Dr. Manik Saha told the reporters about the visit of PM Modi to Tripura on the orientation program of the “Amar Sarkar” portal and LSDG (localized sustainable development goals). CM also said that the government is looking forward to bringing more facilities and work for people. Also, on his slogans “Sabki Yojna, Sabka Vikas”, CM said that these slogans are meant for the benefit of people. Amar Sarkar already has around 2000 issues and he said that he will be working on resolving them soon by 100%.

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