Police Investigation: Elderly Man Robbed of Rs 50000 on Guwahati Bus


In a distressing incident, an elderly man in Guwahati, Assam fell victim to a robbery on a running bus, losing Rs 50,000 in cash. The incident occurred as Uttam Bhattacharya was traveling from Six Mile to Khanapara on a bus with registration AS-01-GC-9900. The suspects, numbering four to five and dressed inconspicuously, boarded the bus at the Last Gate bus stop. Taking advantage of the crowded bus, they surrounded Bhattacharya and executed the robbery.

Bhattacharya revealed that the suspects disembarked at the next stop, prompting him to discover the loss of his bag containing a significant amount of cash. The victim had been returning home after a visit to a government office related to his holding number when the robbery transpired.

Guwahati police have initiated an investigation into the matter and are actively working to identify the suspects.

Unsettling Robbery on Guwahati Bus

In a concerning incident that unfolded on a bus journey in Guwahati, an elderly man, Uttam Bhattacharya, became the target of a robbery by a group of four to five suspects. The robbery transpired on a bus traveling from Six Mile to Khanapara, with the suspects strategically boarding the vehicle at the Last Gate bus stop.

Police Investigation

Modus Operandi and Discovery

The suspects, dressed inconspicuously in plain clothes, capitalized on the crowded bus environment, surrounding Bhattacharya to execute the robbery. The victim remained unaware of the theft until the suspects alighted at the next stop. It was only then that Bhattacharya realized his bag, containing a substantial amount of Rs 50,000 in cash, was missing.

Investigation and Police Action

Prompted by the report of the robbery, the Guwahati police have launched an investigation into the incident. The primary objective is to identify and apprehend the suspects involved in the targeted robbery on the running bus. Authorities are coordinating efforts to gather evidence and information that could lead to the swift resolution of the case.



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