Political Dynamics in Assam Shift as Former Congress MLA and Youth Leaders Join BJP


In a surprising turn of events, Bismita Gogoi, former MLA from Khumtai constituency in Assam, has tendered her resignation from the primary membership of the Congress party. This move comes just a day before her anticipated joining of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). The political landscape in Assam is set for a significant shift, as Gogoi is not alone in her decision to switch allegiances.

Gogoi conveyed her resignation to the Assam Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) president, Bhupen Borah, citing personal reasons for her departure from all assigned posts within the party. Her decision raises questions about the internal dynamics within the Congress party and the factors contributing to such a crucial exit.

What adds to the intrigue is the simultaneous exit of Angkita Dutta, the former Youth Congress president, who is set to join the BJP alongside Gogoi. This coordinated move by prominent Congress leaders signals a potential realignment of political forces in Assam. The BJP, known for its strategic recruitment of leaders from rival parties, appears to be strengthening its position in the state by attracting key figures.

The political reshuffling doesn’t end with Gogoi and Dutta. Tomorrow will witness the induction of former president of the All Assam Student Union (AASU), Dipanka Nath, and former AASU vice-president Prakash Das into the BJP. The involvement of youth leaders from AASU adds another dimension to this political transformation, as they bring with them a history of student activism and a fresh perspective.

The reasons behind these high-profile exits from the Congress party and their subsequent embrace of the BJP remain speculative at this point. Whether driven by ideological differences, dissatisfaction with the party’s direction, or personal aspirations, the move signals a reconfiguration of political alliances in Assam.

As Assam gears up for upcoming elections or political developments, the strategic acquisitions by the BJP may have lasting implications on the state’s political landscape. The departure of seasoned leaders and the infusion of fresh faces from youth organizations suggest that the BJP is actively broadening its support base in the region.

The coming days will unveil the extent of this political metamorphosis and its potential impact on the electoral dynamics of Assam. For now, the resignations of Bismita Gogoi, Angkita Dutta, Dipanka Nath, and Prakash Das mark a pivotal moment in the unfolding political narrative of the state.



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