Rahul Rai and Akassh Veer Introduce “TSI Studios”: Pioneering Multi-Language Horror-Thrillers


In the dynamic realm of film production, two visionaries have teamed up to carve a niche for themselves. Rahul Rai, a seasoned businessman, film enthusiast, and entrepreneur, joins forces with Akassh Veer, a versatile actor and entrepreneur, to launch “TSI Studios”—a production company dedicated to crafting captivating multi-language films, with a keen focus on the horror-thriller genre, their personal favorite.

“TSI Studios” has swiftly emerged onto the scene with an ambitious lineup of 13 new film productions, showcasing their commitment to delivering diverse and enthralling cinematic experiences. Among their upcoming releases are “Secrets of Sundarban,” “Wild Thrills,” and several other intriguing titles. Some of these projects are nearing their launch date, while others are currently in the filming phase, promising a flurry of exciting content for film enthusiasts.

Notably, “TSI Studios” has already made its mark with its maiden associate production featuring acclaimed Bengali actor, Partha Sarathi. The film, titled “Loadshedding,” is directed by Partha Sarathi himself and boasts a talented ensemble cast including Akassh Veer, Chandan Banerjee, Avisheekta Dey, and others.

“Loadshedding” is poised for a digital release and is scheduled to premiere on TSI Studios’ YouTube channel on April 15th, 2024, marking a significant milestone for the burgeoning production house.

Looking ahead, “TSI Studios” is gearing up for major productions destined for the silver screen and leading OTT platforms, underscoring Rahul Rai and Akassh Veer’s ambition to captivate global audiences with innovative storytelling and immersive cinematic experiences.

Rahul Rai and Akassh Veer’s collaborative venture promises to introduce fresh ventures and novel concepts to the entertainment landscape, bringing forth an exciting wave of creativity and originality. Stay tuned as “TSI Studios” embarks on an exhilarating journey to redefine cinematic boundaries and ignite the imagination of audiences worldwide.

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