Rajasthan Media Explores Assam’s Tea Scene: TRA and VBSY Camps in Dergaon


A team of seven journalists hailing from Rajasthan embarked on a six-day journey to Assam, delving into the rich tea heritage of the region. Their exploration led them to the Tocklai Tea Research Institute (TRA), the oldest of its kind, situated in the Jorhat district.

Tea Insights Unveiled: TRA Director-in-Charge Shares Expertise

The director-in-charge of TRA, Pradip Baruah, welcomed the Rajasthan media team, offering profound insights into the vast potential of Assam Tea in both domestic and international markets. Dr. Barua elucidated on the historical aspects, plantation techniques, processing methods, and the intricate web of tea marketing. He emphasized TRA’s pivotal role in training small tea growers and highlighted the institute’s dedication to research and development.

Navigating Industry Challenges: Climate, Competition, and Labor

Addressing the tea industry’s challenges, Dr. Baruah underscored the impact of climate change, market competition, and labor-related issues. He shed light on TRA’s ongoing research endeavors in robotics and artificial intelligence, aimed at elevating the affordability and competitiveness of Assam tea on a global scale.

In-Depth Exploration: TRA’s R&D Department and Tea Tasting Experience

The journalists delved into the research and development department of TRA, gaining insights into pest management, the presence of antioxidant ingredients in tea, and the nuanced differences between black and green tea varieties. A unique tea-tasting demonstration further enriched their understanding, providing a sensory experience that set this visit apart.

Cultural Connect: VBSY Rural Camp Experience in Dergaon

Later in the day, the media team visited the Viksit Bharat Sankalp Yatra rural camp at Dergaon, North Golaghat. The camp witnessed the presence of Anwesha Thakur, assistant commissioner, Golaghat, and Gaurav Borthakur, BDO, Dergaon, North Golaghat. A vibrant cultural program unfolded at the camp, offering the journalists a glimpse into the region’s cultural fabric.



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