Rajesh Meempat: Founder of Organic Netra Successfully Exits, Leaves a Lasting Impact on the Organic Cosmetics Industry


Mr. Rajesh Meempat, the visionary founder of “Organic Netra,” has carved a niche in the organic cosmetics industry by offering a diverse range of high-quality natural and organic products. What started as a mission to provide safe and trustworthy cosmetics for children has now evolved into a brand that caters to consumers of all ages across the globe. With an unwavering commitment to quality and innovation, Mr. Meempat has not only transformed his startup into a thriving business but has also caught the attention of international investors, culminating in an acquisition by Singapore-based company GOAT Brand Labs. This article traces the remarkable journey of Mr. Rajesh Meempat and his brainchild, “Organic Netra.”

The Birth of “Organic Netra”:

The inception of “Organic Netra” was born out of Mr. Rajesh Meempat’s personal struggle to find a reliable and safe kajal product for his own child. Realizing that many parents faced similar challenges due to the lack of trustworthy brands in the segment, Mr. Meempat saw an opportunity to create a business that addressed this pressing need. He recognized the immense potential in Indian market for high-quality organic products, particularly for children and mothers, and decided to forge a path to bridge this gap.

The Journey of Success:

Armed with determination and a commitment to offering genuine organic products, Mr. Meempat launched “Organic Netra” and received an overwhelming response from the market. The remarkable success of Organic Netra Baby Kajal – world’s number one in its category, inspired Mr. Meempat to broaden the product range. This expansion introduced over thirty new organic cosmetic products, including innovative creations like Aloe Vera Gel with Vitamin E & C and India’s first-ever Organic Rose Water with Vitamin C. These additions have proven to be successful ventures for the brand.

The Visionary Approach:

One of the cornerstones of the brand’s success was its adherence to international quality standards. All products underwent rigorous testing and certification from esteemed institutes such as USDA, WHO-GMP, and Indian Institute of Toxicology Research (IITR). This commitment to quality and safety earned the trust of customers and parents alike, solidifying “Organic Netra” as a go-to brand for organic cosmetics.

Marketplace Strategy and Beyond:

In a strategically sound move, Mr. Meempat initially utilized established marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart to launch and sell his products, maximising the brand’s reach. Market Place Management Company called Tinyzo Online Private Limited contributed well to this.  As the brand gained popularity, he ventured into establishing his own e-commerce store, ensuring a strong digital presence for “Organic Netra.” His marketing efforts and customer-centric approach played a vital role in reaching over 3 lakh customers within just three years, a testament to the brand’s growing popularity.

Acquisition and New Beginnings:
Taking a notable twist, “Organic Netra” captured the interest of Mr. Rishi Vasudev, the driving force behind GOAT Brand Labs. Acknowledging both the brand’s promising prospects and Mr. Meempat’s business acumen, GOAT Brand Labs acquired “Organic Netra” for an undisclosed sum. This acquisition stands as a testament to the hard work and commitment invested by Mr. Meempat and his team.

Words of Wisdom:

Mr. Rajesh Meempat’s success story holds valuable lessons for budding entrepreneurs. He emphasizes the importance of tapping into the vast potential of the Indian market and the significance of dedication and passion for one’s brand. He stresses the need for keen observation, genuine products, and effective marketing, particularly in the digital landscape, which can propel a brand to success.


Mr. Rajesh Meempat’s journey from a concerned parent searching for safe products to the successful exit from “Organic Netra” is a tale of resilience, vision, and determination. His brand not only addressed a crucial gap in the market but also set a benchmark for trust and quality in the cosmetics industry. As he embarks on a new adventure in the food and grocery industry, his story serves as an inspiration for entrepreneurs who aspire to make a positive impact with their ventures.



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