Ramky Estates Leads Realty to a New Dimension with ‘Community Living’



Ramky Estates is the only Hyderabad-based realty developer with a significant presence in South India, with successful projects in Bangalore, Chennai and Vizag as well.

The company has consistently witnessed a remarkable CAGR progression of 42%, having completed construction of a total of 10 million Sq. ft. valued at Rs. 3500 Cr., and the developers’ projects under execution are measured to 15 million Sq. ft. covering a significant geographical profile.

The company is aiming for a total booking value in excess of Rs. 2,000 Cr in 2023-24, as it counts on catering to a large variety of customer preferences, with offerings ranging between a wide price range of Rs. 45 lakhs to Rs. 5 Cr.

The company is launching ‘RamkyVerse’ on July 14th, allowing customers to virtually experience their ongoing projects, and make more informed decisions while buying homes.

Experience it here – www.ramkyestates.com/ramky_verse

Ramky Estates is a part of the 2 Billion USD multinational business house “Ramky Group“, and is one of the leading Residential Realtors in Hyderabad. 28 years since its inception, the company’s projects are home to 7500+ happy families. Ramky Estates has built over 10 million Sq. ft. of residential and commercial spaces, with a total estimated value of Rs. 3500 Cr. The company offers an array of projects as diverse as the buyer’s market in India, with units priced anywhere between Rs. 45 lakhs and Rs. 5 Cr.

Ramky Estates opens new horizons for modern customers across the globe with RamkyVerse, L-R: Mr. Jitendra Labadiya, CFO; Mr. Taraka Rajesh, Director; Mr. Nanda Kishore, MD and Mr. Sarath Babu VP, Marketing & sales

While Ramky Estates has built a legacy of success across the landscape of Hyderabad’s Real Estate, they have also been successful in building large-scale residential projects in Bengaluru, Chennai, Visakhapatnam and Warangal. Adding to the company’s already vast portfolio across the city, and significant presence in the East and West of Hyderabad, Ramky Estates has strengthened its leadership in Hyderabad with the recent launch of 3 new projects, Ramky One Astra in West Hyderabad, and Ramky One Genext & Ramky One Orion in East Hyderabad. Other well-known projects of Ramky Estates include Ramky One Odyssey at Kokapet, Ramky One Orbit at Nallagandla, Ramky One Symphony at Patancheru, Ramky TruSpace Aspire at Balanagar, Ramky One Harmony at Kukatpally and Ramky Krystal at Visakhapatnam. These projects are tailored to echo their focus on ‘building with heart and building it smart‘, while incorporating a fresh focus on the evolved facets of modern lifestyle through their ‘Community Living‘ initiative.

Speaking of the values at the company’s core, Mr. M Nanda Kishore, MD of Ramky Estates notes, “We recognize that building homes goes beyond just brick and mortar. Consumer preferences are evolving rapidly. Thoughtful design with defined spaces blending comfort, convenience and elegance is the new common. Homebuyers today are looking beyond the 4 walls. They choose vibrant communities that provide opportunities to connect, create and celebrate.”

Ramky Estates has integrated this ethos into their business processes and project design. Through this revolution of customer-centric design and modernised amenities, customers of Ramky Estates enjoy pedestrian-friendly podiums, vibrant and facilitated playing areas for children, landscaped gardens, reflexology pathways, community zones for senior citizens, amphitheatres, community halls, and sports & fitness zones equipped for a mixed bag of all the popular fitness regimen. Recently, Ramky Estates was the first in Hyderabad to introduce futsal (five-a-side mini-football) court within a community. These amenities that encapsulate the essence of living in a community and becoming a part of one.

Ramky Estates enjoys customer loyalty that few other companies in this industry do. This has helped the company to scale up rapidly with a CAGR of 42% in the past 5 years, backed by their customer-centric approach with the integration of their ‘Community Living‘ initiatives within their project design. An estimated 25% of Ramky Estates’ sales come from existing customers and referrals, which the company attributes to their deep understanding of customers’ home life and lifestyle.

Mr. Taraka Rajesh Dasari, Director at Ramky Estates added, “The company hosts a variety of events within our communities. Our annual event Umang provides every customer with the opportunity to proactively engage with their communitys well-being and address any concerns. We also address concerns put forward by our customers by rendering services such as pest control, deep cleaning, and other pertinent solutions. We organize a variety of initiatives like tree plantations, activity camps, and sports events for the community regularly. A recent event focused on cybersecurity and online safety was received well by the residents involved. With our platform to engage directly with our customers, we plan to gather further insights into the lifestyle roadblocks of modern homebuyers. These insights would play a vital role in further designs of homes and residential communities.”

Property-buying decisions are inherently challenging due to various obstacles such as the inability to physically view a property while it is still under construction. Geographical restraints also pose a considerable challenge, especially for NRIs and individuals living far from the location of the property. Furthermore, the lack of time and accessibility surrounding property viewing, consultation and negotiation adds to the complexities involved. However, the integration of technology in Real Estate processes has always solved problems faced by realtors, and this time Ramky Estates has successfully leveraged technology, taking tech integration to the next level with its entry into the world of virtual reality through ‘RamkyVerse‘, a Virtual Reality Marketplace. This is the very first time a Hyderabad-based residential developer has forayed into the dimension of virtual reality.

With a mere Google/Gmail account, prospective buyers can teleport into the landscapes of these properties virtually, as their own chosen Avatars! RamkyVerse will be home to three virtual auditoriums, where customers can get the closest experience to living in a Ramky Estates Project, while being informed of the ongoing properties under construction. Salespersons and speakers will be integrated into the platform, enabling real-time interaction. The virtual landscape of Ramky Estate is accessible for 30 days, and includes a virtual experience of all the launched projects including the recent additions, Ramky One Astra, Ramky One Orion and Ramky One Genext, allowing individuals worldwide to explore and make informed decisions without being bound by physical constraints.

We are excited to be the first developers foraying into the virtual reality realm through RamkyVerse, a groundbreaking integration that immerses buyers in a new dimension of real estate exploration. Through the seamless blend of technology and innovation, our team is set to revolutionise property showcasing, offering a hyper-realistic experience beyond imagination,” says Mr. Sarath Babu, VP Marketing & Sales, Ramky Estates.

With their continued focus on customer-centricity and integration of technology etc. property showcase on RamkyVerse and the advocacy, strategy and implementation of an ideal modern-day community living ethos have strengthened Ramky Estate’s identity as a builder with the heart and the smarts to captivate Indian homebuyers.

About Ramky Estates

Ramky Estates is a leading real estate company presiding the Indian realty sector for 28 years with a track record of delivering over 27 top-quality projects spanning across 10 million Sq. ft. Led by Mr. M Nanda Kishore as the Managing Director and backed by a team of over 200 exceptional professionals, the company’s expertise lies in developing exceptional residential and commercial spaces. Part of the esteemed Ramky Group, a multinational business conglomerate worth 2 billion USD, Ramky has established itself as a trusted name in the market. Their vast portfolio provides residential projects priced between Rs. 45 lakhs to Rs. 5 crores. Ramky Estates is the only Hyderabad-based real estate developer to be catering to diverse customer needs with a strong presence all across South India including Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Vizag and Warangal. The company’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident through the 7500+ happy families served.

With an emphasis on ‘Community Living‘ and ‘Technology Integration’, Ramky Estates is committed to build residential projects that reflect a sense of togetherness and futurism.

Ramky Estates has earned prestigious accolades in the real estate industry including the “Emerging Developer of the Year” award at the Construction Week India Awards 2019 and “Integrated Township Project of the Year” award at the 10th Realty+ Excellence Awards 2018 South which stand as a testament of their brilliance.

To know more, please visit www.ramkyestates.com.





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